Rebecca MaddisonRebecca Maddison
Overcame nerves
Passed my test with only two minors. Steve has been a massive help for me and helped build my confidence loads!! Steve is the only instructor I felt comfortable with after trying around 4 ( due to nerves ). Totally recommend to anyone wanting to learn. Thanks again Steve.

Charlotte RankinCharlotte Rankin
Only two driving faults.
Steve is a patient, approachable and friendly instructor. I felt very nervous about driving but Steve always made me feel more at ease during his lessons. He is extremely good at explaining things and calmly explains mistakes. He makes sure the learning is at a pace you are comfortable with, but will also encourage you to try the trickier roads and roundabouts to show yourself you can do it! He is extremely reliable and highly organised, ensuring lessons were regular and productive. I would highly recommend Steve, particularly if you are nervous about giving driving a go. Thank you for all your help and encouragement, Steve (and sorry for all my ‘eee's!’). I will miss my driving lessons – never thought I would say that! 😊

Sebastian Ziri-SayleSebastian Ziri-Sayle
Well deserved!
Great Instructor, really gets to the point on what you need to improve in order to pass. Also a great laugh to have in the car, especially for those who are prone to getting nervous such as myself. 10/10

Emma JarvisEmma Jarvis
First time PASS!
Fantastic instructor, passed test first time. Gives great advice and makes you feel very at ease and relaxed.

Solly HeimannSolly Heimann
Lessons around college commitments.
I would highly recommend using Steve. He is a great instructor who got me passed in no time. He always did his best to work around my busy schedule.

Seena IbrahimSeena Ibrahim
A well deserved pass.
I started with Steve about 6 months ago. He is a nice, generous and kind man. He is always on time and a reliable instructor. He will always push you to make you the best you can be. He will always give you the best advice even when you pass your driving test. He is a great driving instructor.

Malgorzata AleksandrowiczMalgorzata Aleksandrowicz
Full licence meant dream job.
Steve is very very patient, supportive and helpful. An excellent teacher. I imagine if it wasn’t for him I still would not be driving.

Chris IrvingChris Irving
Well deserved!
Steve was an excellent instructor. While doing my lessons he was able to observe from lessons where I needed to practice and improve areas of my driving and focus a lesson around the areas to improve which I found very useful and a good way of learning. Feedback was always constructive and there were always positives to take from lessons which helped with my learning. Lessons were always easy to book and responses were excellent. I would always recommend Steve to my friends and family. The online system from LDC was what I mainly used to practice my theory as well as the book that was provided.

Lizzy StottLizzy Stott
Passed 1st time
I found Steve to be a very good instructor. He was always calm and professional, and was clearly focused on improving the quality of my driving without putting me under any pressure. He explained things clearly and gave good feedback. I liked that maximum lesson time was spent driving, rather than sat at the roadside, which helped to build up my experience behind the wheel. I also found the workbook and online resources very helpful, as they made me reflect on my driving and helped me to feel better prepared for lessons.

Carol AllinsonCarol Allinson
You're never too old!
I have found Steve to be a very professional, patient and calm driving instructor and would not hesitate to recommend him. Previously I have learnt to drive with a few driving instructors before Steve but found him to be the best. As an older learner driver I found his instructions were clear and appropriate. Most of all he was very good at explaining how to do manoeuvres. Once again Steve thanks for all your help in passing my test.

Paul TrenchPaul Trench
Excellent pass!
Couldn’t rate Steve any higher, from the first lesson he was always focused on me. Zero time spent at the roadside explains things in practise, very patient and great conversations too. The LDC method is extremely good and will set anyone up for a great start of driving. Thank you so much for the last 4 months, I will certainly be recommending you to anyone who wants to learn that I know. All the best for the future and thanks again.

Peter LearyPeter Leary
Passed 1st time
Learning to drive with Steve has been an absolute pleasure. I was apprehensive about learning to drive for various reasons, but one such reason was nervousness about the potential of not getting along with an instructor, or not feeling like I was being taught well. One lesson with Steve, and the prospect of anything like that was dispelled immediately. Steve is the consummate professional, who has clearly seen it all with regards to students (and all the mistakes they can make!) and it showed. Nothing I did seemed to fluster or frustrate Steve, and that made learning to drive infinitely less stressful. I always looked forward to my lessons, knowing that it would be light-hearted and fun. As an instructor, Steve was patient, thoughtful and considerate, and was acutely aware of when there was a particular manoeuvre I was struggling with, and had a range of approaches and techniques to teach me to overcome such struggles. felt like I learned to drive very quickly with Steve, and he imparted to me such a range of little tips and tricks that I will keep with me whenever I drive and that will make me a safer driver. I am very grateful for Steve’s tuition! The LDC materials were a useful supplement to Steve’s tuition. The flip book of manoeuvres he used to teach me was a great way for me to learn rules and hazards. Steve would give me chapters of the book to read before the next lesson which meant I could anticipate and prepare for some of the more advanced (and daunting) parts of learning to drive. Periodically, we would mark my progress in the book, which was a great way for me to keep on track of where I was doing well and in which aspects I needed to focus on more – this was especially useful for test preparation. Overall, the book was a great addition to my experience. The website was a useful way to keep track of lesson times (and changes), and Steve always kept it up to date. As I had passed my theory before starting with LDC, I did not need to use any other online materials. However, LDC is a company I can happily recommend, but Steve is an instructor I will definitely recommend. Thanks again, Steve!

Lisanne NausnerLisanne Nausner
Passed 1st time - 30 hours
The workbook was a great tool to use before and after lessons to learn and solidify knowledge before getting in the car and each lesson could also be well adapted to the learner’s personal requirements and home area. My instructor worked great for me. He was very knowledgeable and professional and a calm presence in the car when learning. He explained things well and made sure all areas of the test were well covered and practiced in time for my test, despite the short time-frame of my semi-intensive requirements. I was a first time driver and passed first time within 16 days and 30 hours of lessons.

Dunstan NdlovuDunstan Ndlovu
A great effort.
Steve is a fantastic instructor as when had him for a couple of lessons l felt that l was being taught how to drive rather than being told. Steve's approach to helping through situations is incredible for example when l had my lessons with Steve I could not do manoeuvres so what he would do is make me try first and inform me where I could improve rather than taking control and making me feel pressured and uncomfortable. He would also make suggestions after the lesson what to improve which helped than thinking just cause you have done a manoeuvre once or hill start that’s it, he would recommend some videos to watch so in that you more from not being in the car but in your time as well which meant you can progress and learn more.

Stacey AshtonStacey Ashton
Hard work pays off
I found Steve to be very friendly and approachable. He was very patient when explaining manoeuvres and techniques and didn’t mind lots of questions. Time was never wasted and Steve was very encouraging and provided helpful feedback on how/ where to improve.

Sterling ForsterSterling Forster
Firsr time pass - 26 hours tuition
I'd say that the Ld system works well and is an enjoyable way to learn to drive and Steve is easy to talk to and has good conversation which makes it all a lot easier.

Daniel SuttonDaniel Sutton
Passed first time
Driving was something that I had always wanted to do but worried me because of the dangers involved. My instructor Steve and the LDC system changed this view within a few lessons. Steve made me feel at ease when first driving and always had s laugh on which helped with the nerves I felt. The LDC theory resources are perfect, I practiced my theory with them for a few weeks, went in to do my theory test and passed, my instructor had also helped with this as there were some things we has went over which popped up in the test. The DVD I was given was great and helped with my manoeuvres, it was very clear and precise. The workbook also helped a lot as it meant I was able to reflect on lessons, plan what I wanted to do in upcoming lessons and read the sections before doing the lesson to know what I expected. The LDC system is fantastic and I'd recommend LDC to anyone looking to start driving! Thank you Steve and LDC for teaching me to drive. I now feel confident behind the wheel and cannot wait to get my own car in the future.

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